Our Return Policy

Please call our customer service representative at 270-525-3554 or email us at info@fatherscountryhams.com if you have a problem or question about your order you have received.

Replacement hams must be approved for return within 60 days.

We are not responsible if the wrong product was ordered. Please check your order carefully prior to submitting to ensure you have ordered the correct items.

If you want your ham sliced you must be sure to order a sliced and vacuumed packaged Country Ham. ALL Country Hams are shipped whole unless ordered sliced.

We are not responsible for insect damage on hams you have stored for later use.

Our dry-cured Country Hams and Bacons will taste saltier than the comercially available processed meats, which are water-cured — this is normal. We use more sugar and brown sugar in our cure mixture to help prevent the excessively salty taste that's present in most other cured meats.