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Father's Country Hams

Father's Country Hams are a Kentucky Tradition. Cured on the family farm in Bremen,Kentucky, our meat products are truly "Kentucky's Finest Eating". We know that our products are excellent because we've cured them the same way since 1840. You can taste the tradition in any of our Father's CountryCured Meats. The story of Father's County Hams began over one hundred years ago. Charles Gatton, Sr. great, great

grandparents started the farm in 1840. Seventy-six years later Charles,Sr. was born on the farm. He graduated from the University of KentuckySchool of Agriculture in 1938. After college, he taught vocational agriculture and provided veterans training for 5 years in Hancock County. Except for these years, he lived on the family farm his entire life. It was during this time that the idea for a ham business was born. He returned with his bride, Lorene,to the farm in 1943 when his mother died.
In 1945, while still teaching veterans training, Charles and one of his students decided to attempt curing hams. They bought 200 hams and put them up in a smokehouse. The weather took a nasty turn, the Green River rose,the levee broke, and the whole experiment was washed down river. Despite the failed attempt, Charles Gatton, Sr. still wanted to cure hams. When he tried again in 1950, the results were much better. He began to furnish hams for the restaurants in the area, and the yet unformed business began to take shape. In 1959 Charles' younger brother Bill finally convinced him to start the business in earnest. The brothers named the company Father'sCountry ham in tribute to their father Harry Gatton, Sr.
Charles Gatton, Sr. passed away June 3, 2000; he was making a delivery of hams in Louisville, KY when he suffered a stroke. He left a legacy of achievements, both business and humanitarian. It is in his honor thatCharles Gatton, Jr. continues the tradition of Father's Country Hams. Charles Gatton, Jr. has been curing hams since 1962 and considers it a family art. He plans to expand the gourmet line with new products and sincerely believes that the business is a living tribute to his father, Charles Gatton,Sr.

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